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We just get One Life


Namashkaar mitron.

Mitron we birth once. Life is not a easy job. If we born as a human means nature give us a chance for joy, chance for create happiness to the world. So don’t give up your golden chance..

Enjoy your life. Do good thing. Help other who need. Travel 🛫 more..see the beauty of world before dying.

We just get one life…it mean only one chance we have to see this beautiful world. If we spoil it mans we lost the chance. Live life with 💞💞💞 love. And make it beautiful.


सादा जीवन जीता हूं, चीजों को उनके प्राकृतिक रूप में देखना पसंद है। सबकी सुन कर अपनी करने का मजा ही कुछ अलग है।

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